Suitable for extensive facilities, factories, hotels, boat mooring spaces, exibition centers and sport and recreation areas.


  • Static guarding with trained staff: Suitable for the protectection of houses, offices, shops and banks.

  • Safekeeping and surveillance of mobile and immobile properties and facilities. 

  • Surveillance of your sites with  foot patrols or, especially, with  manned patrol: suitable for surveillance and guarding of large residential complexes, offices and shops.


Remote monitoring is performed through cameras by realiable and well trained staff.


The center controls and supervises the places day - night or at regular intervals in accordance with customer's wishes.

Our operators perform remote monitoring by "visual patrols" and check the area for anything unusual.




Includes the escort and protection of individuals, inside and outside the country.


Our staff, the personnel who is trained to offer protection for indivividuals, is extremelly experienced and is  characterised   by responsability, tact, discretion and flexibility.

It is seleced following strict criteria by people from the Special Units of  the Armed Forces, the Police, the Coast Guard and the Sport Area.


It is our belief that training and development of our staff, combined with the proper security study of the place to protect, is the KEY to succes in providing  security services for concerts, cultural events and other manifestations.


Our cooperation with the authorities and the appropriate trained security personnel are the guarantee for the successfully  accomplish of our mission.